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The quality and reliability of the most modern analytical technology and the excellence and professionalism of its researchers make Bonassisa Lab an exemplar for research and analysis in small and large agricultural, food and environmental businesses: sectors where certainty in results translates into health and well being.
Procedures and machinery used by Bonassisa Lab far exceed today's standards. Every procedure and machine undergoes continuous performance testing. The accuracy of these tests, which can be integrated with specific Quality Control Reports, allows our customers to exceed the most rigorous quality standards.

  Download the Bonassisa Lab ita/eng brochure produced for the MS Food Day 2019 (25 - 27 September, Camerino)

Since 2001 (the date of the first emission) Bonassisa Lab has been accredited by the only Italian accreditation body, Accredia. The accreditation is the formal recognition of the laboratory's suitability to determine the properties of a product and/or material based on specific procedures.
Accredia is the only Italian body authorised by the state to issue accreditation, nationally, to testing laboratories. Accredia issues accreditation to a given laboratory only when it ascertains its technical/managerial competence is in compliance with the regulations provided by the UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard.

View the updated list of officially accredited tests carried out within Bonassisa Lab

View the accreditation certificate issued by Accredia for Bonassisa Lab

On 19 March 2020, BLab obtained accreditation as a multi-site laboratory for the office in Lavezzola (Ravenna), allowing the business to continue growing on a national level

View the updated list of officially accredited tests carried out by Bonassisa Lab (Lavezzola office, Ravenna)


Bonassisa Lab has a very advanced centre for the research of pesticide residues and related metabolites.

Agricoltura controllo terreni BLab


Advanced research centre for quality control and food safety for all foods of animal and plant origin.

Controllo qualità alimenti BLab


The laboratory specialises in the screening of organic and inorganic pollutants.

Test ambientale BLab

Proficiency Test

Ring Test to evaluate the performance of a laboratory against pre-established criteria.

Controllo qualità alimenti BLab