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Proficiency Test

Technical competence, impartiality, reliability, quality assurance of the analytical data produced within BLab are guaranteed by the company’s rigorous participation in various Proficiency Test programmes, performed for all “matrices” and all the “analytical techniques” used by Bonassisa laboratories

What are they

Proficiency Tests, also known as Ring Tests, are inter-laboratory tests to evaluate the performance of a laboratory against pre-established criteria, by comparing them to other laboratories. In each inter-laboratory comparison, the participants carry out one or more tests on the same sample.

Each laboratory compares its own results with those of the others, thus ensuring constant self-verification of its own testing capabilities and, at the same time, a broad spectrum verification of the performance and reliability of the laboratory itself.

The evaluation of the laboratory’s performance is expressed in the standard "z-score" which expresses, from a statistical point of view, how much the laboratory result differs from the most probable result, also called the “assigned value”. Participation in inter-laboratory evaluation tests is an adequate and independent self-control tool that helps to improve the quality of the services offered. The national and international Proficiency Test suppliers chosen by Bonassisa laboratories are accredited according to the ISO/IEC 17043 standard.

A guarantee for Customer and Consumer

Our rigid annual programme of Proficiency Testing serves to continuously monitor the analytical processes, thus providing a high-level guarantee of the final data and, at the same time, greatly protecting the Customer (producer, processing industry) and the Consumer (recipient of the final product).

List of our qualified suppliers

The inter-laboratory comparisons in which Bonassisa Lab participated are:

- Customs agency
- Unione Italiana Vini (UIV)
- ARPAE Emilia Romagna-Coop
- S.I.LP.A.