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Bonassisa Lab has a very advanced centre for research into pesticide residues and related metabolites.
This research project, run with major public and private research partners and financed by the Puglia Region with funds from the European Community, has made it possible to develop an innovative, quick method with a high assurance of the quality of the analytical data, using a single system for extracting the crop protection products from plant matrices and subsequent identification and quantification using HPLC-QQQ and GC-QQQ.

In addition, the laboratory is equipped with an ICP-MS device with collision cell used for multi-element analysis of trace metals on fruit and vegetables, in water and soil.

Areas of expertise

Agricultural land, fertilisers (compost, soil improvers, correctives), leaves, unprocessed products, fruit and vegetables.

Tests performed

Tracing of crop protection product residues and metabolites, metal contaminants, macro and micro elements, base chemical and physical properties, microbiological analysis for tracing pathogens and non-pathogens. Chemical, physical and microbiological properties of drinking water and water for irrigation.